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Rudy Valentine, BS '03

Rudy Valentine

Rudy intends to pursue post-doctoral training and then secure a tenure-track position in a college or university after completing his Ph.D. in kinesiology. He is particularly interested in exercise physiology, and is working with Dr. Ellen Evans in her Bone and Body Composition Lab. Rudy completed his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology here at Illinois, and received his master’s degree in exercise physiology from James Madison University.

Rudy’s research interests include obesity prevention and treatment, regulation of energy balance and weight management, inflammation, body composition, physical function, and aging. Using both human and animal models, he is gaining insight into both the physiology behind weight loss and maintenance and the psychological, social, and environmental influences on physical activity. His ultimate goal is to disseminate research findings into applications for professional practice.

Rudy has published 19 co-authored papers in such venues as Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, Nutrition and Metabolism, Journal of Physiology, and International Journal of Body Composition Research. In addition, he has nearly three dozen published co-authored abstracts to his credit. He has previously received both the Roger Morse Most Promising Graduate Student Award and the Roger Morse (now Harriet and Ludwig T. Stoyke) Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

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