Employee Contacts:

Below is a list of the primary individuals involved in the FITKIDS research project.

Charles H. Hillman, Ph.D. Charles H. Hillman, Ph.D.
Dr. Hillman is the principle investigator and his primary research emphasis is to better understand factors that relate to increased cognitive health and effective functioning of individuals.
E-mail: chhillma@illinois.edu

Jeanine Bensken Jeanine Bensken
Jeanine Bensken is the FITKIDS research coordinator.

E-mail: jbensken@illinois.edu
Phone (1): 217.722.6515
Phone (2): 217.333.3893

Darla Castelli, Ph.D. Darla Castelli, Ph.D.
Dr. Castelli's primary interests are in youth physical activity and learning. Her work examines the effects of physical activity and fitness on motor competence and cognitive performance.

Kaci Lierman Kaci Lierman
Coordinator of FITKids After school program
Macie Sinn Macie Sinn
Supervisor of FITKids After school program

Undergraduate Assistants

Adrianna Jelen

Alyssa Barbaro

Alexia Rudofski

Amanda Chung

Anisa Nandy

Brittaney Chang

Brian Plotner

Brooke Murawski

Cara Warning

Danielle Weiser

Dashon Rivers

Eden Bluhm

Graison Tjelle

Jackie Surd

Jazmon Carroll

Jeanne Disis

Jennifer Graham

Jon North

Julian Rameriez

Kathy Barnas

Kim Bello

Lydia Oh

Maddy Mutz

Meghan Gauthier

Michael Forst

Michelle Presslak

Radhika Patel

RJ Olson

Shannon McNamara

Steve Bashor

Tori Olson

Trent Richards