FITKIDS Mission:

Many children, particularly from minority populations, do not engage in the recommended minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Physical inactivity is a contributing factor in obesity. Additionally, association between cognitive performance such as academic achievement and physical fitness and activity has evidenced relationships between physical and cognitive health; however, the extent of these effects remain relatively unknown.

With millions of children today having their only parent or both parents working outside of the home, families have a clear need for child care programs during after school hours. The unstructured time after school presents an ideal opportunity for enjoyable physical activity and nutrition education.

Evidence suggests that fitness improves thinking. Accordingly, our lab is recruiting families who are interested in helping us investigate the link between fitness, cognition and scholastic achievement.

Anyone who qualifies to participate in the research will be paid for their time. In addition, half of all individuals who participate will be randomly selected to receive free FIT Kids afterschool care on the University of Illinois Campus at Campus Recreation Center East (if they live in Champaign/Urbana) or in the Unity West Elemetary School gymnasium (if your child attends Unity West Elementary School).

FITKIDS Afterschool Program Objectives:

  • Involve children in at least 60 minutes of physical activity
  • Involve children in at least 50% of moderate-to-vigorous daily physical activity
  • Refine motor skills and participate in a variety of fitness and sport activities
  • Provide children with a broad range of enjoyable activities
  • Enhance self efficacy toward making healthy food choices and self monitoring of physical activity engagement
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FIT Kids Research Coordinator
Jeanine Bensken

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